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1  How can I find the product I want?

You can use the main menu on the home page to search for products in a variety of ways:

  • By room: select “Solutions by room” in the navigation bar to see products for each room (bedroom, home office, kitchen, bathroom…). You can also play around the floor plan by choosing the option “Solutions for every room”.
  • By type of product: select “All our products” to see our product full catalogue.

You can also use our search functionalities to find the best match for your requirements.

  • Search by keywords – A semantic search helping you to find information throughout.
  • Advanced product search – You will be able to do a more thorough search by selecting different requirements within the many characteristics you’re waiting from a floor (Design, color, scratch-resistance, etc.).

2  Can I save my search results from one visit to another?

You can collect and keep useful information from all your visits by setting up your own account in “My Tarkett” personal space.
You will be asked to provide certain personal information. This is solely for Tarkett’s internal use in managing your on-site details and continuously improving your online experience.

For more information, go to the “Privacy & Legal Statement”

Your login and password will be required every time you come on your personal space.
Once registered, you may add any product you like to your personal selection by choosing “Add to my selection”. The products will then be saved in “My selection” even when you logout. You can also save your search criteria so that you can recover results from your previous visits.

3  Can I buy products online?

It is not possible to purchase Tarkett flooring products directly online, but you can take advantage of various features to save time before visiting a store.

  • Registering for your “My Tarkett” personal space provides you with several tools you can use to simplify selection of your future floor.
  • My compare” shows you all the products you have chosen on visits to the site.
  • You can also order samples online. Go to the “Add to my order” tab and list the products you want and follow the instructions.  Our Sales department will contact you before sending the samples you have requested.
  • The “Room designer” tool lets you visualise how your floor will look by showing the selected product in a virtual room for which you set the criteria: size, wall colour etc.

4  Can I use the site to compare two products?

With “My compare” you may compare any number of different products according to a range of characteristics (colour, design, sound absorption, durability, length, width etc.). Simply select “add to my compare” and your product is automatically saved. Select “my compare” and you can see a table showing all the different products you’ve chosen.

By selecting “export my compare” you can also export the comparison table in an excel format.

5  How do I find my closest store?

You can find your closest Tarkett Retailer by clicking on the “Retailer locator” in the “Services and support” menu on the home page. Select your country on the map, enter you town and postcode and you’ll be shown a list of the closest stores.

6  Can I see what my floor will look like in a room?

You willl find a variety of tools on the site to get more information about various floors.

  • Use “Room designer” to see how a floor will look in a room for which you provide details such as the size, wall colour etc.
  • Our “Picture Gallery” on each product page will help you to have a general overview of how a floor could look like in real life.

7  How can I get more information about Tarkett’s new products and innovations?

You can get lots of information about our products and services by selecting “Press room” on the home page or in the “Services and support” menu. You may also subscribe to the “RSS feed” and receive the latest news on the topics you have selected directly by email.

8  How can I share information with a friend?

You can use the “Share with a friend” tab at the top of each page to send a page to a friend. Just add their email address in the form and send.

9  Can I download pictures from the site?

A wide choice of high and low-definition images can be downloaded by going to “Press room” on the home page and selecting the “Media library” tab.

10  What do I do if I can not find an answer to my question?

For more information about our services go to “Contact us” on the home page and complete the contact form. The subject of your enquiry must be clearly shown so that the message can be sent to the relevant expert at Tarkett.